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General Information

Country:   International
City/Locality:   Amman, Jordan
Notice/Contract Number:   AFD/DOE/CIT/GOV/DCP-2019-081
Publication Date:   Mar 15, 2019
Deadline (local time):   April 15, 2019 - 12:00
Agency:   Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
Buyer:   Agence Française de Développement - Buyer
Original Language:   English

Contact information

Address:   Miora RAHARIRIAKA
Division Achats et commande publique
5 rue Roland Barthes
Paris 75012
Telephone:   33 1 53 44 38 29
E-mail:   Click here
Web site::   http://www.afd.fr

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Original Text

The purpose of the consultation is a fiduciary and monitoring service contract for the justice reform program in Jordan. The consultant shall be in charge - on behalf of AFD - of the daily overall supervision and administration of both EU and AFD’s programs related to Justice / Rule of law.
This contract is concluded from the date of notification until December 31, 2022.
This procurement procedure was launched using an adapted open procedure pursuant to Decree No. 2016-360 of 25 March 2016 and Order No. 2015-899 of 23 July 2015 on public procurement.
The contracting authority has decided not to launch the tendering process in separate lots. Because of the studies connexion, the allocation may make the performance of services technically more difficult and financially more expensive.
Bids, whether submitted by an economic operator or by a group of economic operators, must state all known subcontractors at the time they are submitted. They must also state the services (and their value) that are proposed to be sub-contracted, and the name and roles of the subcontractors that will perform those services on the contractor's behalf.
For groups of economic operators, the form of the group may joint and severally/jointly liable group of economic operators with jointly and severally liable representative.
Applicants may not submit more than one bid where they are acting, at the same time:
- As individual tenderers and members of one or more groups of economic operators;
- As members of several groups of economic operators.
Tenderers must submit bids that are fully compliant with the tender documentation.
The bids shall be valid for 120 days from the bid submission deadline.
The studies will be financed by AFD’s funds and funds delegated by the European Union
Amounts payable to the contractor(s) and any first ranking subcontractor(s) under the contract shall be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoices or equivalent requests for payment.
The tender documents for companies are provided free of charge to each candidate. They are available from the following email address:
The contracting authority requires documents to be sent electronically to the following address: https://www.achatpublic.com/sdm/ent/gen/ent_detail.do?PCSLID=CSL_2019_Bm5eBosv9c&v=1&selected=0
Compliant bids will be analysed and rated using the following weighted judgement criteria:
- Technical value: 80%
- Price : 20%

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